Great art is worth waiting for.

Genesis collection theme: ‘Spring’ - SOLD OUT!

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Pixel Blossom is a slow-burn NFT collection that aims to offer an alternative to the mainstream of NFTs, ruled by hype and FOMO.

The Genesis drop features 12 established crypto artists, each of whom created a unique, never-before-seen artwork. The artworks will be offered for sale as limited edition NFTs that reveal over the course of 21 days, pixel-by-pixel in front of the collectors' eyes.

Pixel Blossom wants to advocate that even in this high-paced world of crypto, "great art is worth waiting for". After all, it was artists that started the current NFT revolution - let's take a moment to celebrate them!

Pixel Blossom - Concept Example - Day 2

Day 2

Pixel Blossom - Concept Example - Day 9

Day 9

Pixel Blossom - Concept Example - Day 17

Day 17

Pixel Blossom - Concept Example - Day 21

Day 21


The Genesis collection includes 12 artists that are radically different in style, but share the same vision when it comes to art: excellence lasts forever. Get to know them!

Artists page
  • FAQ

  • What is Pixel Blossom about?It is a slow-burn NFT collection created by a team that is in love with the art movement(s) that NFTs created. It features unique, never-before-seen artworks from 12 artists that will be revealed gradually, pixel by pixel in front of the holders' eyes.
  • What is the theme of the Pixel Blossom Genesis drop?The theme of the drop will be "Spring", the season of promise, creativity, and inspiration.
  • How were the artists chosen for the Genesis drop?We aimed to work with a group of artists who have radically different styles, but all of them have perfected their craft over many many years into a truly unique artistic vision and expression.
  • How can I mint the NFTs?There will be a pre-registration system to ensure a safe and fair launch. More info on our Discord.
  • How many NFTs will be available?300 NFTs, 25 from each artist.
  • How many days do I have to wait before the art reveals?It will fully blossom on day 21, but you’ll probably recognize which artist’s work it is a bit earlier.
  • How do I know which artist’s NFT I got?You don’t, and this is the beauty of it. You don’t know which one you got, the mystery artwork will blossom in front of your eyes over 21 days.
  • Can I buy a specific artist’s NFT?No. The editions are distributed randomly during mint.