Clément Morin - Spring Roll - Pixel Blossom

Clément Morin


As a graduate of Gobelins, Paris, Clément Morin is a french 3d artist fascinated by the imagination of childhood. In his creations, he explores the nostalgic gaze he has on this period of his life, mixing wandering, naivety, daydreaming, and poetry.

Clément Morin - Selected Works: Still Screenshot - Pixel Blossom
Clément Morin - Selected Works - Pixel Blossom
Clément Morin - Mother Tree - Pixel Blossom

When and how did you get into art?

After my photography degree in 2007, I got interested in animated stuff by creating my first short film mixing live action and stop motion. Then I began to work as a freelancer at day, learning 3d while working on personal projects at night.

When was your first big breakthrough?

Probably "Invasions", the first full 3d short film I made back in 2009. The story was about a little alien who arrives on earth. I spent almost one year on it. The short had a pretty warm reception, staff picked on Vimeo and reposted by Maxon official YouTube channel, reaching more than a million views.

Clément Morin - Spring Roll - Pixel Blossom

What was your favourite project so far?

I don't know if it's my favorite, but it's the one that marked me the most because I spent 4 years of my life on it. "Insignificant", a 30 min documentary entirely made in 3d, which I co-directed with Franck Courchamp, a senior research scientist. The series is about mankind, and its place in the universe and among other species.