Daniel Taylor - "I thought there'd be more time..." - Pixel Blossom

Daniel Taylor


Dániel Taylor is an artist from Budapest, Hungary. Following a creative upbringing, Dániel discovered Photoshop and digital drawing at the age of 14 and decided to pursue his passion for art, with the eventual aim of making it his sole profession. After several years he achieved this ambition and has been a full-time practicing artist since 2015.

Surrealism is at the heart of Dániel’s work, and he enjoys the challenge of establishing its presence even as he varies his technique and approach. His work ranges from simple black and white sketches to colorful, vibrant images.

He derives much of his inspiration from older comic book art, particularly in the genre of Science Fiction, and modern digital illustrators.

Daniel Taylor - I Thought We Lost It All - Pixel Blossom
Daniel Taylor - Lucid Dream - Pixel Blossom
Daniel Taylor - Surrender - Pixel Blossom

When and how did you get into art?

I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid. Back then it was mostly Pokémon illustrations and a bit later quite detailed pencil drawings. Art was always part of my life, but I only took the leap in 2015 to work full-time as an artist and I never looked back since.

When was your first big breakthrough?

I think my first pretty big breakthrough was when I was commissioned by Adobe to create an illustration for their Adobe MAX event, which was on a massive screen during presentations. It was an awesome feeling. Apart from that, something I really enjoyed was doing Marvel posters for Mondo, Thor: Ragnarok, Silver Surfer, etc.

Daniel Taylor - "I thought there'd be more time..." - Pixel Blossom

What was your favourite project so far?

I’m going to say Omnimorphs, as that’s by far the most I’ve worked on a project so far, which I actually enjoy doing. I generally dislike working on one thing for too long, as I get bored easily, but because of this project we had a chance to get very valuable insight into Metaverse developments, technical stuff as well and also get my art in front of some of my favorite musicians like Mike Shinoda.