MadMaraca - A Peaceful Morning in Ithakros  - Pixel Blossom



Mari.K best known as "MadMaraca" is a World Builder, Voxel artist and 3D designer with over a decade experience in digital art. Her main expertise is voxel art (which is essentially 3D pixel art). Mari creates micro worlds / dioramas with intricate details and through her work she combines architecture, culture and nature by creating unseen fantasy worlds for her audience to explore and discover.

MadMaraca - Emiris - Pixel Blossom
MadMaraca - The Soul Temple - Pixel Blossom
MadMaraca - We All Live In A Simulation - Pixel Blossom

When and how did you get into art?

I’ve been into art for as far as I remember. I picked art school because I knew that's my passion and what I was meant to do all along. I was also very fascinated by tech and computers so I studied Digital Arts (animation) in university to pursue both fields at the same time and have been continuing my journey as a digital artist since then.

When was your first big breakthrough?

An important one would be my work finally going viral and being recognized and appreciated by a wide variety of audiences after years of working hard both on my art and trying my best to present it.

MadMaraca - A Peaceful Morning in Ithakros  - Pixel Blossom

What was your favourite project so far?

In the NFT world my favorite project would be my collaboration with Pak on ASH Chapter II with an incredible line up of big artists and creators.