Our Artists

The Genesis collection includes 12 artists that are radically different in style, but share the same vision when it comes to art: excellence lasts forever. Get to know them!

  • FAQ

  • What is Pixel Blossom about?It is a slow-burn NFT collection created by a team that is in love with the art movement(s) that NFTs created. It features unique, never-before-seen artworks from 12 artists that will be revealed gradually, pixel by pixel in front of the holders' eyes.
  • What is the theme of the Pixel Blossom Genesis drop?The theme of the drop will be "Spring", the season of promise, creativity, and inspiration.
  • How were the artists chosen for the Genesis drop?We aimed to work with a group of artists who have radically different styles, but all of them have perfected their craft over many many years into a truly unique artistic vision and expression.
  • How can I mint the NFTs?There will be a pre-registration system to ensure a safe and fair launch.
  • How many NFTs will be available?25 editions from each artist's artwork. The total number of NFTs will be 300.
  • How many days do I have to wait before the art reveals?It will fully blossom on day 21, but you’ll probably recognize which artist’s work it is a bit earlier.
  • How do I know which artist’s NFT I got?You don’t, and this is the beauty of it. You don’t know which one you got, the mystery artwork will blossom in front of your eyes over 21 days.
  • Can I buy a specific artist’s NFT?No. The editions are distributed randomly during mint.