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Marc Simonetti


Marc Simonetti is a veteran French artist known for his cover arts on Dune, Lovecraft, and Discworld, and also for concept art pieces he's done for game studios like EA, Ubisoft, and movies such as Valerian, Maleficient, Transformers, and Aquaman 2.

He also created an artwork of the iconic Iron Throne in Game of Thrones, which the author, George R. R. Marting referred to in one of his blog posts as the closest depiction by any artist to how he imagined the throne himself.

His art is focused on developing universes that ask questions about today's humanity as a way to trigger reflection or emotions.

Marc Simonetti - Iron Throne - Pixel Blossom
Marc Simonetti - Reverend Mother - Pixel Blossom
Marc Simonetti - Personal Work - Pixel Blossom

When and how did you get into art?

I've always been drawing, but I've followed the Beaux-arts school of Annecy since the age of 9. Then as an engineer, depressed I decided to become a professional artist at the age of 24, used my money to pay for one year of art school, and then learned most of my craft on my own, 3d, photoshop as a freelancer.

When was your first big breakthrough?

My first break breakthrough happened in 2013 when I got to do the iron throne for GRR Martin. We went several back and forth, I did a hundred different sketches, and then I did the iron throne George was happy about. He shared it on his blog and my design was shared millions of times all around the world.

Marc Simonetti - Self Portrait - Pixel Blossom

What was your favourite project so far?

My favorite project was probably working on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets directly with Luc Besson for one year. I was given complete freedom, and it was a pure joy to be able to design characters, environments, vehicles, and props following my inspiration and getting as wild as I could be. It was a great project where everyone involved had a lot of fun, and I think it can be seen visually on the screen.