Peter Mohrbacher - Kokabiel, Angel of The Stars - Pixel Blossom

Peter Mohrbacher


Peter Mohrbacher is a surreal fantasy illustrator best known for his Angelarium project. The influence of his Angels has been felt throughout games and film, though, he works almost exclusively on building his own brand for nearly a decade.

Peter Mohrbacher - Gadreel, Angel of War - Pixel Blossom
Peter Mohrbacher - Eistibus, Angel of Divination - Pixel Blossom
Peter Mohrbacher - Binah, Emanation of Knowledge - Pixel Blossom

When and how did you get into art?

I got into art when I was 16 because I was super into anime. Even today, I feel like there is an anime influence in my artwork.

When was your first big breakthrough?

In college back in 2004, I started to have my work published alongside the best digital artists in the world in annual publications like Expose. Far more than my commercial work, my personal paintings have always led the way in terms of winning awards and garnering attention.

Peter Mohrbacher - Kokabiel, Angel of The Stars - Pixel Blossom

What was your favourite project so far?

Angelarium has been with me for so long. It was with me before I had a career or reputation and has remained my personal favorite and my most iconic work.